Swainswood Leisure Park has been awarded a prestigious 5 star rating by the National Tourist Board. Shown below are comments from the inspection report:

“Swainswood Leisure Park continues to retain the Five star Holiday Park grading. Without doubt an extremely well maintained and strong scoring park. The grounds have been extremely well laid out, creating an excellent impression for any arriving guests, with the water features adding further to this. Excellent cleanliness throughout the park noted.”

“Excellent illumination to the park, with high level fittings and with lamp posts being maintained in pristine condition. The grounds present extremely It is without doubt the owner’s attention to detail in all aspects of the park that ensure that this is maintained.”

“The Spa facility sparkles, creating a pristine appearance for guests using this facility.”

We believe Ashby Woulds to be the only luxury leisure park in the UK to be awarded a prestigious 5 star rating for ACCOMMODATION by the National Tourist Board. Shown below are comments from the inspection report:

“Expectations are high from the moment guests arrive at the entrance of this new lodge development, by the quality of the slate signage and electronic security gates. Care has been taken to blend the lodges into the surrounding environment by laying the road/pathways/parking areas to gravel and each lodge having grassed areas.”

“The lodges have been very well planned, furnished and equipped. High quality wallpapered decor with quality wall relief add interest. Sturdy light oak furniture and comfortable seating is complemented by very well co-ordinated furnishings. Controllable central heating is supplemented by attractive fire surrounds with electric glow over convector heaters. Excellent entertainment systems in place including modern TVs with Sky and DVD players, integrated iPod docking stations with speakers throughout the lodges and free WiFi.”

“High quality decking and teak garden furniture provide guests with an ideal area in which to enjoy the views as well as having safe surfaces for the use of the hot tubs. Dawn to dusk lighting is provided from high quality lamposts.”

“Care has been taken to provide guests with quality ACCOMMODATION and high standards of houskeeping.”

“A main reception presents very well. Guests arrive via security gates and announce themselves at reception. They are escorted to the lodges and familiarised with facilities. An excellent provision of accessories and personal touches noted. There is also provision for individual beauty therapies to be taken in the privacy of the guests’ lodge.”

5 star rating by the National Tourist Board
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